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The Power of Significance - The Initial Key to Professional Success

“Emotional Intelligence is the most relevant metric in measuring future success on a personal and professional level, and carries more weight than IQ, test scores, or grades.” Daniel Goleman

Success in life is the ability to be self-aware – and your ability to build strong relations and create impact.

When you work with CXOPeople, you are a leader that wants to increase your Emotional Intelligence and thereby strengthen your Executive Presence significantly.

You and your team venture upon an individually tailored journey. Every journey builds on your talent and goals: Your why, what, and how you best create value. All of this is built on a solid foundation comprised of the key driving principles and actions that develop Emotional Intelligence.

We focus on The Power of Significance, because Significance is the key driver to:


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Per, Jason & Simon

CEO & Partners

The business case is clear.

According to Gallup, 79% of employees are unengaged. Only 1% increase in people engagement equals 2.66% on your bottom line. Throughout our 25 years of experience, and an extensive list of clients partnering up with us in the field of Emotional Intelligence, we have seen a tremendous change in the people, behaviour, culture and tangible performance. From an individual level to company level with a global network of leaders.

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